"Security", like a giant umbrella, under the protection of Greeley to survive. Social security is the soil of growth. The safety of employees is a source of strength. The safety of customers is the vitality of life. The safety of products is the transmission and continuation of the value of enterprise life. The security of wealth is the basis of devotion. The dimension of "security" is constantly extended in the development and operation of enterprises, and it is the foundation of enterprise life.


Quality assurance is Greeley's unwavering belief and never-ending pursuit. In today's era, even the best enterprises have never stopped chasing it. Quality assurance is related to all aspects of enterprise operation from the source of technology research and development to the inspection of finished products. Generally speaking, only when enterprises are fully prepared in the two major modules of system and process can they make products with high stability, establish a "first-class" quality confidence, and then establish a high-reputation enterprise and brand image.