Core Values

Team spirit, personal responsibility, seeking opportunities, sustainable management


Team spirit includes four kinds of thinking:

War general thinking: abandon bureaucracy, down-to-earth, seek truth from facts. If you don't reach your goal, you won't give up.


Spatial thinking: to achieve greater success-the most favorable solution/decision for me-the most favorable solution/decision for you and him (us).


Time thinking: achieve longer-term success-meaningful solutions/decisions for today → meaningful solutions/decisions for tomorrow and the future.


Joint thinking: the value we can create will be far greater than me, the wisdom we gather will be far greater than me, and the energy we condense and the ability to resist risks will be far stronger than me.


Create value and achieve win-win results.


We pursue the realization of customers' dreams in the field of friction materials, starting from solid basic skills, and strive to become the industry leader.

long-term development strategy

Maximize the overall process resource benefits.

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Quality Policy

Security:basic guarantee

Employee safety, production safety, product safety, customer safety, driving safety



Eliminate waste and create wealth

Quality Policy


People-oriented, commitment


Perfect:Eternal Pursuit

Continuous improvement, always entrepreneurial

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Personal responsibility

Cornerstone:I trust others first;

Proud:I love work, full of enthusiasm, optimistic initiative, fearless difficulties;

Methods:I do the right thing, do what must be done, do the right thing (effectiveness, efficiency, creativity);

Attitude:I have the courage to make decisions and take responsibility, have good self-healing ability;

Creation:I have the courage to open up, continuous learning, continuous innovation;

Self-discipline:I am a self-disciplined person.

seeking opportunities

Opportunity = depth (one-dimensional) breadth (two-dimensional) intensity (three-dimensional) progress (four-dimensional) concentration (five-dimensional) accuracy (six-dimensional) attitude (seven-dimensional)......

sustainable operation

We adhere to the unique core competitiveness, continuous innovation, advancing with the times, sustainable management

Greeley Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is not only a confidence of "sustainable operation", but also a commitment to the sustainable and harmonious development of society.

Corporate social responsibility is not only reflected in the responsibility to customers, partners, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders, but also in the sustainable development of society, environment and resources.

In addition to social and commercial responsibilities, Greeley is also continuously focusing on future value creation and creating harmonious and sustainable development for the earth we live in.

Taking customers as the center, safety as the foundation, leading by example, people-oriented, advocating "sustainable consumption concept", committed to the effective use of social resources and harmonious development of society.

Safety first

As a "safety" manufacturing enterprise, always take "safety" as the primary goal of fulfilling social responsibility

Environment friendly

Adhere to the green business philosophy, do its best to promote sustainable development

Energy saving and emission reduction

Adhere to the "overall process resource efficiency maximization" strategy

Growing Mutual Aid

Promote complementary resources, create shared value and realize common dreams