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"Why did you join the GLORY family?" Everyone has his own unique intention. But the same sense of career and the same sense of responsibility firmly link each other. On the way to growth, we work together to pursue excellence, pay together, and gain together. The development of social economy has long watered down the boundaries between the enterprise and employees. In fact, they are originally one, pursuing a brilliant future. We would like to thank every employee for their hard work and dedication to make our big family better day by day.


Employee Activities

At GLORY, people never miss the opportunity to be "lively". GLORY attaches great importance to employee activities. Among busy work, there is more need for effective time for team communication, it can close the relationship between employees, so that employees could understand each other better, it can also enhance their teamwork and cohesion, help to coordinate the relationship between individuals in the team, cultivating the professional consciousness of "team first, then individual".



"Work together, intersect with the heart, agree with each other with righteousness, treat each other with sincerity, and always be the same" is the partnership that the GLORY aspires to. As GLORY's long-term strategy, "maximization of overall process benefit" expresses GLORY's view of development most fully: sharing resources, advancing hand in hand, and developing at a high speed in the cruel competition. Partnerships are like rivers entering the sea, blending with each other, and have incredible power.

Mutual Trust And


Sincere trust, respect for the work of partners and timely feedback, maintenance of a creative working environment

Mutual encouragement

Listen to your partner and give your


Seek Common Ground While ReseRving Differences

Embrace all kinds of enterprise culture, background, ideas and methods in partners and seek synergy

Common growth

Seek opportunities and help partners succeed

Pursuit of excellence

Take “excellence” as the work standard to find better solution for partners and to respond quickly

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