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Create value, achieve a win-win situation



We pursue the dream of customers in the friction material field, start from the solid basic skills, and strive to become the industry leader.


Long-term Development Strategy

Overall process resource benefit maximization

Core values

  • Team spirit, personal responsibility, seeking opportunities, continuous operation
  • Team spirit includes three kinds of thinking
  • Lateral thinking: from "I", "you", "he" to "we"
  • Vertical thinking: from today to tomorrow and the day after tomorrow
  • Objective thinking: less guessing, disable "probably", "I think", "maybe"

Quality Policy

Safety, lean, integrity, perfection


To ensure that the products are marketable, high quality and cost-effective is our endless pursuit.



Concept Upgrade

Share win-win, integrate resources, eliminate waste and create value

Core Competence

The company has a complete and scientific quality management system. Our integrity, strength and product quality are widely recognized by the industry. In line with the spirit of "dare to innovate, steady progress".


Cultural Advantage: GLORY Culture


People-oriented: Every employee is a member of the Grey family. Employees and enterprises coexist.
Sense of responsibility: have clear powers and responsibilities and have the courage to take responsibility

Tolerance: encourage participation, be thoughtful, open to ideas, and learn from others

Sense of belonging: harmonious teamwork, perfect space for improvement, pleasant working atmosphere, and comfortable working environment

Honesty: promises will be fulfilled

Work significance: the goal is the same, balance the realization of personal value and enterprise value

Biosphere relationship: sharing, symbiosis and win-win.


Concept Advantage


Glory long-term development strategy: maximize the overall process resource benefits.Every stakeholder is an investor of resources for Glory. We cherish resources so that the investment of each resource can generate the maximum return through integration and optimization, which is the guarantee of sustainable development of the enterprise.

Talent advantage


Glory has hired domestic and foreign brake, friction material technical experts to provide a solid backing for the development of enterprise technology. Mr. Li kang, an expert of domestic brake industry who enjoys subsidies from the state council, Mr.Schmitt, an expert of friction material application and brake system research and development in Germany, Mr. Hayashi, a technical expert of friction material formula development in Japan, and Mr.L. fecske, a technical expert of NVH in Germany, etc.There are more than 60 r&d engineers in the team, ranging from young people in their 20s to senior consultants in their 60s and 70s.Meanwhile, Glory also pays attention to the construction of market, management and operation team, talent reserve and talent training, so as to adapt to the rapid development of the enterprise at all stages


GLORY is customer-centered, security-based, people-oriented, it leads by example, advocates the "concept of sustainable consumption", and is committed to the effective use of social resources and social harmonious development. 


GLORY believes that an enterprise’s social responsibility is not only a confidence of "sustainable management" of the enterprise, but also a commitment to the sustained and harmonious development of society. As to social responsibility, an enterprise is not only responsible for customers, partners, employees, shareholders and other interested parties, but also responsible for the sustainable development of society, environment, resources and so on. It should not only meet the growing consumer demand of interested parties, but also meet the needs of interested parties for sustainable development, it should not only pay attention to the current responsibility, but also pay attention to the sustainable creation of the future.


Security, green, elimination of waste, symbiosis and win-win


As a manufacturing enterprise of "security parts", GLORY always regards "security" as the primary goal of fulfilling social responsibility, constantly tamps the basic skills, and strives to realize customer security, employee security, production security, product security and wealth security in an all-round way.


Glory adheres to the green business concept of "environment-friendly and ecological construction" and runs green management through all aspects of enterprise management, including raw material selection, formula research and development, product production, packaging, waste recycling and so on, striving to create a sustainable development environment as far as possible in the process of development.

Elimination of waste:

Glory advocates the concept of sustainable development, symbiosis and win-win with industrial ecology, rational allocation of resources, realizing the maximum value under the same input of industrial chain.

Win win cooperation:

In Glory's view, "integrity" is the foundation of the business. In the era of shared economy, we shall work with interested parties to establish a "house of integrity"-promote resource complementarity, sharing and symbiosis in a harmonious ecological circle, promote sustainable development, create shared value through the strategy of "maximizing the efficiency of resources in the overall process", drive own development through the realization of common dreams, and create resplendence hand in hand.

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